7 Best PS5 Faceplate Covers and Where to Buy Them

The PlayStation 5 is a great-looking console, despite the teasing that it looks like an oversized router. Sony went above and beyond with the design to improve airflow but also […]

7 Best PS5 Faceplate Covers and Where to Buy Them

The PlayStation 5 is a great-looking console, despite the teasing that it looks like an oversized router. Sony went above and beyond with the design to improve airflow but also to allow gamers to swap out the faceplate covers on either side of the device. If you don’t like the original white, there are many third-party options to choose from.

These faceplate covers do more than provide unique aesthetics; many of them are actually shock and scratch-proof to better protect your console from damage. They’re easy to install and work with both PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 Disc Edition. That’s one major advantage the PS5 console has over the Xbox Series X: customization.

We’ve rounded up some of the best PS5 console covers and listed them below.

Official PlayStation 5 Covers

Some of the best options — and those with the most guaranteed quality — are the official covers produced by Sony itself. These come in five colors, including the popular Cosmic Red, Midnight Black, Starlight Blue, Nova Pink, and Galactic Purple options. Also, you can get these faceplate covers to match the PS5 controller colors.

Aside from the color options, these PS5 faceplates have no special features. They’re only for aesthetic purposes, but they look fantastic when paired with a DualSense controller. Best of all, they’re only $55.

InnoAura PS5 Faceplate

If you want something a bit outside the norm, check out the InnoAura PS5 Faceplates. These sport an unusual design with an air vent on both sides for improved airflow. While there are six color options, four of the choices are solid colors, but the silver and gold color options stand out with their camo design. These PS5 plates are also shockproof to provide additional protection against impact.

The downside to the InnoAura PS5 Faceplates is that they only fit the Disc Edition. Unfortunately, there are no options for the PS5 Digital Edition yet. Just as a note, there are cover choices for the Nintendo Switch if you’re looking for something portable too.

DBrand Darkplates 2.0

Looking for a faceplate with a bit of edge? Look no further than the dBrand Darkplate 2.0s. These can appeal to the grittier crowd, with many murder jokes and scofflaw-type humor involved. That’s not to say there’s no appeal here, though: the Darkplates 2.0 have greatly-improved thermals that will keep the PlayStation 5 from overheating during even the most intense play sessions.

These plates also feature light strips that can be customized and changed. These plates start at around $70 and are valid for both the Disc and Digital Editions of the PS5, with multiple color options. The black is our favorite, though: it has a very Darth Vader-like vibe.

wds Transparent Faceplate

Remember the days of translucent or transparent cases? That might seem like a thing of the past, but wds has brought it back in style for the PS5 with these replacement faceplates. There are no special features or additional cooling vents, but it does give you an excellent view of the interior workings of the console.

The most appealing part of this case is that it’s only $34, plus you get an extra 5% coupon if you buy it from Amazon. It’s an easy way to customize your PS5 uniquely without breaking the bank.

Dobewingdelou PS5 Faceplates

These PS5 faceplates are made of high-quality aluminum with more than 5050 LEDs lining the metal. You know what that means: crazy lighting effects for your play session. In addition, the Dobewingdelou faceplates include a physical remote and an iPhone app, illustrating just how much work has gone into the lighting.

There’s also an additional cooling vent cutout equipped with LEDs that will help keep the PS5 cooler and reduce the amount of dust that makes its way inside the console. You can choose the color, speed, brightness, and effects. These faceplates are designed for easy installation and are only $60, and there is a 10% off coupon you can apply to drop the price even further.

NexiGo PS5 Faceplate

Want more bang for your buck? The NexiGo PS5 Faceplate has two matching controller covers, regardless of your chosen color. So you can ensure your PS5 Dualsense controller matches the style of your console. The covers are made of ABS plastic with an installation process designed to be entirely DIY.

With four color options to choose from, you can have a blue, gold, matte black, or even red PS5. Unfortunately, the NexiGo faceplates are only for the Disc Version of the PS5. At only $55, it’s the same price as the official faceplates, and the inclusion of two controller covers gives it extra value.

IFEEHE Protective Faceplates

The new PS5 color options look great, especially the black faceplates. Still, not everyone has been lucky enough to pre-order one. If you can get your hands on a PS5 and want to customize it, the IFEEHE faceplates give you two design options that look different than existing PS5 accessories.

The first is a red skull-like pattern that conjures up Gears of War vibes and almost looks like a decal on the side of the console. The second is a black faceplate with a light pattern that looks like an Arc Reactor from Iron Man. The plates are focused more on aesthetics than anything else, but they are scratch and drop-proof, according to their Amazon page. At $60, it’s not a bad price for such a unique look.

Customize Your PlayStation

You don’t have to have a faceplate. It’s not strictly necessary — but in the same way, you might add stickers to your phone — adding a faceplate lets you customize your PS5 to be yours. You can even go all-out and get a headset that matches the color for a completely coordinated look. The other benefit is the improved cooling features in many of these faceplates.

They’re all relatively inexpensive, and $50 to $60 is a low price for potentially improved longevity in a $500 console.