Nokia is introducing a novel new way to make your Android phone faster

The feature should be available as soon as Android 14 is released.

Nokia is introducing a novel new way to make your Android phone faster

Nokia successfully tested a new way to make Android phones faster, with the feature set to be available as soon as Android 14 is released.

In a press release, the company said it found a way to allow Android users to buy and activate network slices on-demand from their operators. 

Network slicing is a practice of splitting (or “slicing”) a physical network infrastructure into multiple virtual networks, where separate slices can provide better, customizable services for apps, or similar. For example, a user could activate a new slice via local cloud gaming applications to achieve better network performance and lower latency. A person at a sports event could activate a 5G slice to access instant highlight replays.

New monetization opportunities

Network slicing’s biggest selling points are the elimination of network congestion that often comes with public networks, and the idea that organizations no longer need to set up standalone, separate networks, for security and reliability purposes. 

With the new feature, operators will be able to monetize 5G slicing services, Nokia further claims, by offering premium network slices, for example.

The Finnish telecommunications giant claims to be the first one to implement 5G network slicing across Device-RAN-Transport-Core-Applications with management and assurance. The new offering will support all 4G and 5G devices, it was further said, which should allow mobile operators to tap into a vast ecosystem of devices and network assets like spectrums and coverage. 

During testing, the company conducted a number of live network deployments and trials with its customers, including slicing solutions such as network slicing for 5G Virtual Private Networks, Fixed Wireless Access slicing, Edge Slicing, Slicing for Applications, and Sliced Private Wireless as well as Slice Management Automation, Assurance and Orchestration. 

Last year, Ericsson, Oppo, and Qualcomm successfully tested 5G enterprise network slicing on a commercially available smartphone, which paved the way for the technology to be deployed more widely. Network slicing is viewed by operators as one of the biggest revenue opportunities of standalone 5G (5G SA) networks.